Volvo Cars Brighton

Simon has proudly been associated with Robert Barber and Volvo Cars Brighton for the past 11 years and highly values his partnership with this prestigious brand.

After opening their doors on Nepean Highway, Brighton in October 2009, Volvo Cars Brighton became Melbourne’s newest and most unique Volvo Dealer. Robert Barber and his team bring together over 30 years of Volvo experience in their speciality boutique, café-style showroom.

Volvo Cars Brighton’s mission is to provide a seamless, enjoyable customer experience at every opportunity. This will ensure your Volvo ownership is consistently rated at the highest level.

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Jeff Banks

Simon was first introduced to Jeff Banks back in 2008. They quickly developed a great friendship and Jeff has kindly supplied Simon with formal attire ever since.

Simon had the pleasure of introducing Jeff to the GreenEDGE family in 2012 and since then, Jeff Banks Bespoke has become the official supplier of formal attire for the GreenEDGE cycling team.

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Charlie Bottero Massage

Simon has worked with Charlie who has been his preferred massage therapist, whilst in Australia, for well over 10 years. Not only is Charlie a fantastic masseur, he has become a very close friend of Simon’s. Charlie’s time as a high-level athlete himself gives him great insight into the challenges facing professional athletes and he provides expert advice to Simon on training and preparation.


Promotion Cycles

Leon and the team at ProMotion have been fantastic supporters of Simon for well over 10 years. They always make themselves available to assist Simon when he is in Australia and their support is invaluable throughout the pre-season training period. Simon is sincerely grateful to the team at ProMotion for their continued support.

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